Don’t Leave Me


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Manufacturer: HAY
Design: Thomas Bentzen
Material: powder coated steel
Size: Ø 38 x 58 cm
Color: powder, mint

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Thomas Bentzen from the Design-Studio Louise Campbell in Copenhagen named his side table “DLM” – “Don’t leave me”. Its simplicity is so beautiful, who would ever think of leaving this side table behind?
The creation’s clear, straight lines demonstrate Bentzen’s understanding of design. On DLM, there is nothing lacking or in excess : The three feet from the steel base give it a strong hold. The steel plate offers enough space to place the necessary items on it. Finally the walking stick-like handle further emphasises the idea behind the table: take me with you! To the sofa, or to the kitchen – DLM is a perfect alternative to the otherwise often heavy and immobile side tables.
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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 58 x 38 cm