Lodge Lounge Chair



Manufacturer: Vipp
Material: Metal, High Resilience foam, lacquered dark oak, textile – Curly (100% sheepskin)
Colour: Off-white

Dimensions: W x L x H: 90 x 68 x 91.5 cm

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“Balancing the opposites of hard and soft, light and dark, organic and geometric are key elements. Combining soft textile and leather with meticulously carved wooden legs adds a new organic tactility and materiality to the Vipp collection.”

The comfortably padded foam shell is designed to surround the body like a glove, while the tall backrest features springy flexibility, making it ideal for extended seating sessions or possibly a quick nap. The Vipp Lodge lounge chair is suited for the living room or lounge area and features a moulded soft shell and legs of solid oak.