Memorabilia My Boats



Manufacturer: Seletti
Designer: Selab + Alessandro Zambelli
Material: porcelain
Set of 3

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This set includes 3 little boats in various sizes. Made from porcelain, these decorations belong to a collection designed by established international designers to add a touch of imagination to your spaces. Seletti and designer Alessandro Zambelli give a new take on the toys of our childhood (guns, robots, cars, paper boats…), turning them into porcelain decorative elements. Half way between art and design, these items are full of humour and dreams.
Sizes: large boat H 8,5 cm / W 26,5 cm / D 11,5 cm; Medium boat: H 6 cm / W 18,7 cm / D 8,2 cm; Small boat: H 5 cm / W 15 cm / D 2,5 cm.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm