Manufacturer: Foscarini
Design: Anderssen & Voll, 2013
Material: PMMA, polycarbonate
Size: ⌀ 23 x 41 cm
Color: green, orange, violet
Power: max 25W

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With Yoko, Foscarini presents a table lamp which breaks with our usual consciousness: The lamp’s body is in the lower part of the unusual design object.
Already the name reveals what Yoko is about: It consists of two similar, but not equal syllables, as well as the dialogue between two different volumes that cut and complete each other. The soft, nature inspired tones with a core of white light make up such an ambience with the lamp.
The Foscarini Yoko breaks the archetype of a classic table lamp by means of placing the light body in the base instead of the top. Covering it with a shining bubble. Yoko was developed in order to create spontaneous emotions as a precise connection of two weightless shapes, a new kind of poetry and technology in one. Transparent shadows and reflexes make up a shiny living atmosphere.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions41 x 23 cm




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