xcelsior is one of the leading architecture and interior design companies which successfully operates in Latvia for more than 20 years. xcelsior is working with interior design, architecture and creating of professional lighting projects, by offering a complete package of services – from the project’s sketches to a fully furnished and lit object. We represent and collaborate with the most prestigious and well-known manufacturers of furniture and lighting objects. xcelsior fundamental principle is to offer a personal and individual approach to every project and every client.

Over the years, examining a large number of well-established brands we have come to a specific selection and style. Choosing such qualities like originality, conceptual, creativity, positivism, adventure and inspiration as our values, we combine the stability and experience with innovative and modern ideas.

We offer new, functional and technological solutions with the highest quality design. It is an investment in the future because we work with well-established furniture and lighting manufacturers who guarantees their product perfect durability for 5-30 years helping to reduce costs in the future. We live for the future by offering long-term solutions for your work environment or home.