Notebook Pocket, Heart



Manufacturer: Vitra
Designer: Alexander Girard, 1952
Material: paper, blank pages
Size: 13,1 x 9 cm

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Alexander Girard brought a sensuous playfulness to twentieth-century design that had been absent from the austere aesthetic of classic modernism. The hardbound and softcover Notebooks feature various motifs selected by Vitra in cooperation with the Girard family from the vast array of images created by the designer.
Alexander Girard created more than 300 different graphics for the furniture company Herman Miller being a textiles designer. Completing this, he also worked as furniture, exhibition and interior designer, influencing all he did with his passion for colours. Among his creations are also some restaurant menus, match letters, dishes or napkins. Vitra selected some motives together with the Girard family in the event of the Home Complements Collection, designed by Alexander Girard for different purposes. The small paper napkins are ornamented by four different variants of the popular sun designs.

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Dimensions 13.1 x 9 cm