Bon Jour Unplugged



Manufacturer: Flos
Design: Philippe Starck, 2015
Material: Aluminium, ABS, PMMA
Power: 2,5W + Dimmer
6 hours battery, life rechargeable
Color: white, chrome, chrome mat, copper



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The Bon jour Unplugged table lamp by Flos is the small cordless version of the Bon jour table lamp. Just like the big brother is the Unplugged version a design from the star designer Philippe Starck. And both lamps allow to be redesigned again and again with a range of additional acrylic glass lamp shades. The lamp shades are available in different colours, which can be easily combined with the base luminaire. In addition to the ability to be configured, the luminaire features a lot of flexibility. With the help of a micro-USB port the Bon jour Unplugged allows to be recharged and afterwards it gives a warm-white light that can be carried anywhere for up to 6 hours. The light intensity allows to be controlled at will thanks to a built-in dimmer. A sliding motion allows you to set the brightness in four stages with the hand on the base surface.
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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions27 x 10.3 cm



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