Hook 2 pcs.


Manufacturer: Vipp
Material: stainless steel
Size: Ø 1,4 x 5,8 cm
Set of 2 pieces

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The set of two Vipp hooks is suited for both kitchen and bathroom. The hooks feature a functional groove, ensuring a proper hold on your towels.
Vipp was born out of a need for functional tools in the professional market. Since 1939, the classic Vipp pedal bin has been supplemented by a wide range of products suitable for private as well as professional needs. The product range includes a variety of products for the kitchen and bathroom as well as a whole kitchen and bathroom concept. The new designs are manufactured using the characteristic Vipp materials steel and rubber enhancing Vipp’s more than 70-year-old tradition of excellent craftsmanship.

Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions1.4 x 5.8 cm